Online clinical mentoring. A mentee focused approach

Learn from someone who wants you to grow”.

Our mentoring site has moved to it’s new home at ”physios online” see here:

Coaching and mentoring

Our new online home for mentoring and coaching

The aim of the site is to offer clinicians a variety of mentorship opportunities, across a broad spectrum of clinical practice.

I am currently offering mentee focused clinical mentoring. The mentoring session are done online via Zoom and focus on the mentees specific needs. Sessions usually last for 60-90 minutes. Frequency is solely determined by the mentee and their specific needs.

The charge for each session is on average £100 in the UK and 100 Euro in Europe. Region specific charges are negotiable and I am cognisant of different financial constraints around the world.

I also offer clinical consults on Musculoskeletal issue, and I am happy to consult on specific cases with clinicians or see specific patients with clinicians if mutually agreed by the patient.

I also offer bespoke short courses for interested small groups on various topics surrounding patient self treatment and clinical reasoning.

For those interested here is a recent one hour webinar I did for a group in India. Link here

I have also done a recent blog and podcast on “Discs Don’t slip” you can access the podcast here

And the guest blog on all things Intervertebral Disc here “Intervertebral Discs are they jelly Donuts? ”

So if you are interested in mentoring, clinical consultation, or bespoke courses , don’t hesitate to contact me via the “physios Online web site or you can find me on twitter @retlouping or email me at

As always thanks for reading

Also for those interested in online consultations with a UK based Physiotherapist check out PhysiosOnline link here

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